Dec 20, 2009

Photoshop CS - Slower to Faster - Performance Problem

For a web-designer Photoshop is a major tool for his designing to take a better shape, his creativity to flow/enhance. But if photoshop starts gving trouble, then what will you do?
It happened with me. Few days back Photoshop was faster on my new machine. I was very happy with the new machine and the photoshop speed. But today without generating any error messages, it started acting weird. It took ages to redraw images, slower than ever. It was a major performance problem. After several hours of investigations, I got the resolve. So you might have a question..

How to make Photoshop run faster on your windows machine?

I tried several different options. Some of them really worked out for me. I thought sharing some of them with you to save your valuable time and get resolve on any photoshop performance issues. See if these tips work for you. Please let me know…

Possible Reasons for Photosop Slower performance

Image Cache Levels:

Try reducing the amount of memory that some images use.
Goto: Edit > Preferences > Memory and Image Cache >Set Cache Levels to 3 or even 2.

Font Preview in Photoshop:

See if this is the issue by selecting Edit > Preferences > Type > Deselect Font Preview Size.
If performance does improve that means some of the fonts are damaged and you need to find out the damaged fonts.

Find Damaged fonts by Moving all system fonts to a folder on the different drive and then adding back to the Fonts Folder.

If you receive an error message that some fonts cannot be copied because they might be damaged, click OK. You may need to reinstall these fonts from the original source at a later time.

Info palette:

Goto Window Menu in Photoshop and click Info to deselect the Info palette if it is selected. Do you find any improvement?

Some elements in the PS file are corrupted:
If the image can be opened by ImageReady (you might get memory issue message, just ignore) open it in ImageReady and resave the image with a different name. This worked for me.
Fonts previously used that are no longer on the computer can cause images to open slowly or appear to freeze/hang.

Some of the Fonts missing:

Update or reinstall old fonts.

Graphics rendering problem:

Update the video card driver.

Low graphic card memory:

Upgrade a video card to greater than 64 MB of RAM.

If none of the above solution works, just paste your problem in the comment for everyone to see and have solutions for you.

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