Sep 12, 2007

Windows Key, WinKey Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key - WinKey Keyboard Shortcuts for all windows platforms

It is always good to have more knowledge about the Operating system that we use on our computer. You might be using Windows Operating System for more than a year now. How much are you familiar with the different keyboard shortcuts that can be used as and when required? These keyboard shortcuts can save your invaluable time. Have you ever thought about this? Let me guide you through a few well known keyboard shortcuts for the same.

The shortcut keys listed below can be used on any computer with Windows OS installed on it. Opps! By the way, where is the winkey located on your keyboard?

Winkey - Windows Keyboard ShortcutDon't worry here is the snapshhot of the Windows Key or WINKEY if you are not familiar with it.

Lets start with the Shortcut Keys:
  1. WinKey - This ‘Windows Key’ alone will open Start Menu.
  2. WinKey + F1 - Takes you to the Microsoft Windows help and support center directly.
  3. WinKey + F3 - It opens the Advanced find window in Microsoft Outlook for you.
  4. WinKey + D - Brings the desktop to the top of all other windows.
  5. WinKey + M - One key to Minimize all open windows on your desktop.
  6. WinKey + Shift + M - To bring back the minimized windows done by WinKey + M and WinKey + D.
  7. WinKey + E - This provides you a quick access to Windows Explorer.
  8. WinKey + Tab - Allows you to move through the applications in your Taskbar.
  9. WinKey + F - Shortcut to the Windows Search/Find feature.
  10. WinKey + CTRL + F - Display the search for computers current window.
  11. WinKey + R - Shortcut to access the run command.
  12. WinKey + Break - Open the system properties dialogue box.
  13. WinKey + U - Shortcut to open the Utility Manager.
  14. WinKey + L - Lock the computer (Windows XP and above only).
These keys are specifically used in Windows XP. However, almost all of the shortcuts work on Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista.

By using these keyboard shortcuts you tend to use the mouse very little and this protects you from being a victim of RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury). RSI is a different topic altogether and will hopefully cover it in deep in forthcoming articles for you. These are a few steps to free yourself from the clutches of the mouse and to make optimum use of your keyboard.

You are welcome to post your comments for you valuable suggestions, feedback or ideas! Thanks.


Brad B said...

Yep, I can understand how important are these keyboard shortcuts, as I went through the painful phase or RSI. I appreciate your post and wish you all the best for your blog. Keep it up!

Jonathan Wagner said...

I was only aware of one function of WinKey and that was quick access to Start Menu. I was searching for other functions and found your post for this search 'winkey keyboard shortcut'. I must save this page in my delicious bookmarks. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Those are really very useful shortcuts for a person like me who is online for 10 to 15 hrs per day.Most of the times I used a few of them but it is always good to know more shortcuts to get rid of the mouse.i'm really looking forward for the RSI article as mentioned in the post. Good One!

Sean Scott said...

this is awesome! thanks for the shortcuts. didn't know you could do some of these through keyboard shortcuts. I think there are more but you covered the good ones!

Tweaks 4 PC said...

Thanks for sharing your tips. I still mainly use XP, and some of these Win-key commands will prove useful for me.