Sep 2, 2007

Master password in firefox - Remember password option?

Master password in FireFox - How secured is the password manager option?

Is it too hectic for you to remember each password for every site you visit?
Firefox's integrated password manager is far more convenient, but is it secured?

Lets have a look - Open up firefox, click on Tools > Options > Security > Passwords
If you click on "Show Passwords > Show Passwords", voilla! it shows all your secrets! Not to worry, now you are going to secure all your passwords in next few simple steps.

A Master Password option in Mozilla firefox browser protects your stored passwords. You can store all webmail, forum account information, various registered networking sites, e-mail server passwords. By using Master Password option, your profile will be asked to enter the Master Password when access is needed to your stored passwords. Now with this option no one can get access to your stored passwords without having Master Password.

Only browing history, email stored in local drive and alredy logged in sites can be accessed without using punching a Master Password. Make sure to remove those passwords, which were stored before turning on the Master Password option.

How to set a master password in Firefox?

  • Click on the menu - Tools > Options > Security > Passwords

  • Check both options - 'Remember passwords for site' and 'Use a Master password'

  • While chosing a Master password use a combination of random numbers, letters and some special characters like @ # $ etc. For example: "Pa$$w0rd" [don't use it, it's just an example] Make sure you remember the Master password. If you lose master password, you will not be able to recover your stored passwords by any means, so be careful while chosing the Master password.

    Now you and all your stored passwords are protected and safe. No one can steal them, they belongs to their Master only. And that's you!


    Paul said...

    Thank God! I came up along such an important post on password security.
    I have been using the FF password manger for almost a year without the master password.I have bookmarked this blog and have set a password manager as well.Good info... keep it on.

    Anonymous said...

    That's a very good idea. Firefox features and your blog articles both have impressed me a lot. i was thinking of switching to FF and after reading this article I'm going to switch to FF from IE.

    Web Hosting said...

    Another great post!
    Thanks for showing your love for firefox. IE is improved a lot since then, but hasn't implemented the features you have mentioned. That shows how much FF cares about it's users. :)