Jul 26, 2007

MS fonts alternatives, substitutes - Arial, Times New Roman, Sans Serif windows fonts - Linux Platform

News to Linux Users - Alternatives, substitutes to MS fonts - Arial, Times New Roman, Sans Serif fonts etc - to work on linux platform?

I have read that couple of months back in may 07, the official site of Red Hat Linux, released some font sets. There are 3 types Sans, Serif and Mono - Sans (a substitute for Albany;Arial;Bitstream Vera Sans;Helvetica;Nimbus Sans), Serif (a substitute for Bitstream Vera Serif;Nimbus Roman;Thorndale,Times New Roman) and 3rd is Mono (a substitute for Bitstream Vera Sans Mono;Courier;Courier New;Cumberland;Nimbus). You can install/download these fonts from the red had linux official site.

These fonts are available for Red Had Enterprise Linux and Fedora in RPM format. You can get these fonts in TTF format too. So now no more hunting for TTF fonts.

I have already downloaded and installed the RPM and running it excellently on my PC.

Go ahead and make it work for you. ATB


Brad Veach said...

Hello Atcony,

Actually I was wondering if it is possible at all. Today I searched it through Google and found this helpful post by you. Let me give it a try and see how it goes.

Thanks a lot.

Katie Mercado said...

That's a really good site that you suggested.Thanks for letting me know. Definitely I'll install these fonts .